Wednesday, March 16

More Paper Smooches :)

I just love Kim's spiffy scooters set, how adorable is that vintage scooter?
I've coloured using my copics and paper pieced the clouds and road.

This card is based on one of Kim's designer drafts #2

These were created with Kim's fabby templates... I couldn't reisist the worm popping out of the apple LOL! This card has all been paper pieced using Vintage blue papers and the edges inked.

I created something a little fun with this cupcake card, using the template and the wonderful vegtastic stamp set... I made it into a carrot cake.


It's such heartbreaking news when I heard about the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.
 I know I haven't mentioned anything about it, I don't want to see the footage it's not that I don't care I just can't comprehend the magnitude of what is happening...  there are things happening in the world that go beyond what I can cope with.
I want to help like so many of us...
 I wish I could give more... and I came across 
Shin Tanaka has designed a wonderful paper model to help requesting donations for the relief fund!...

Dillon and I will often spend time making paper models together and this one was adorable, thank you!
Maoleidigh loves it too! A little kiss of hope :)

They are in my thoughts and prayers... let us continue to pray and encourage those who are hurting, struggling. Let us rally as a community and send support to those in Japan who are lost, scared, needing rescue, needing hope ♥ 


Tasha said...

OMG these are totally adorable and soooo creative. Absolutely fabulous
love tasha xx

Lousette said...

Love the scooter card with the pp clouds - absolutely adorable!

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