Monday, February 1

12 MMW of 2016 ~ Feb's Tissue Techniques

Today is the first of 12 Mixed Media Works of 2016 YAY!
Find all the details on the Paperbabe Stamps Blog...

I am so excited to be bringing you this series of tutorials to inspire and challenge you to have a go and some fun techniques.

Here's my mixed media piece

The gold embossing was a little lost here, I might reconsider using white powder next time.

 You won't need a template to make a pretty collar a simple image stamped a few times works very well and roses and hearts fits very well to the Love of February.

Dark hair is a much easier option when you're learning to paint portraits, it doesn't need the highlights and can cover up any little mistakes on the way.

I hope you join in in the fun!

Thanks for stopping by
Enjoy a wonderfully messy arty day!
HuGs Kim x

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