Wednesday, January 14

A Few more Awards!!! Thank you :)

Well, I’ve received quite a few blog awards over the last couple of weeks, I'm so thankful to all who thought of me! I’m afraid that the people I would have given it to have probably already been given them...

Wow, I received this award from Jo. I am so thrilled and excited to receive this award from such a wonderful lady. I think a lot of us already know Jo blog but if you don't, please go and have a look to see and congratulate her on her New Dt!

Here are the rules:
Publish the Award on your blog
Link the person from whom you have received the Award
Pass it on to as many as you like
Link these people on your blog
Leave a message on the blogs that you have nominated
Personally, I would like to leave it to everyone and especially those who follow my blog and leave me the lovely comments!

And this pretty one I got from Heather and I have to pass this on to 7 other blogs but I think the one's I'd pick are all covered in Awards!

and look what I got from my lovely DT friend Anthea. If you haven't already visited Anthea, do so - her blog is amazing!! Now I'm meant to be SPREADING the love so Happy valentine's creating and on Saturday there's a little something from me, for you all, tee hee!
So what I really need to do is put these wonderful awards on my side menu with much thanks girls! You're great!!!
HuGs Kim x

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