Wednesday, May 28

My sister has set up a Blog for herself, bless her, she will soon discover the extremely addictive wonderful world of blogging. So if you want to pop over and wish her hello, visit Thanks I'm sure she'll be very pleased!

My friend and Blogging sister Sammi gave me this award it's really lovely, a little hard to read but I just love what it says! Thanks Sammi x
I am also thankful for "new found" friendships! and I would like to pass it onto my Sister Zita lots of love Kim x


kerry said...

Hi Kim, many thanks for popping by my blog & for your most lovely comments.
Thought I'd come & have a nosey at your blog, I'm so glad I did! Your cards are stunning, I love them all!!
Also, huge congrats on the recent addition to your family, a beautiful name for a beautiful lil girl & a most gorgeous big brother she has. Will definitely be back!!
Kerry xxx

zita said...

Hi darling kimmy,
thank you so much, its really lovely. Not sure about my blog name now there seem to be a lot of them on the internet except mine!
Love and hugs
Zita XX

samgirl said...

Yes - it was quite hard to read - I had to blow it up and squint but I do too like what it says! :)

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