Friday, December 28

Christmas News

Christmas News, Christmas blues,
Christmas tissues for Christmas flu's....
I hope and wish everyone had a wonderful and special Christmas. Unbelievably I fell ill with flu the week before Christmas, so six months pregnant, coughing, sneezing, temperature and vomiting... (doctor wasn't impressed) And to top it all, my little three year old caught it too! and so did my mum.
I was meant to stay in bed the whole time but I am so bad at being ill, and Dillon needed looking after. For a few days my boyfriend did his best at nursing us but with work commitments wasn't very able.
It is the most fustrating thing... I was meant to do christmas with a great menu planned and the ingredients bought and all I managed was a bowl of soup and a little bit of chicken.
Despite all the above we had a good Christmas day, in fact I feel very spoilt with the beautiful gifts I have received and now with a bit of colour back and the first day of even putting the computer on, I should have some energy to organise thank you cards to make and show.
So I hope you are well and We wish you a happy New Year!


Andrea, said...

Sorry to hear you have been so ill and your little one and mum as well. Take care and I hope you'll all be better for the New Year

All Pink girl said...

AArrr bless sorry to hear you are poorly and your family ,put your feet up when you can and take it easy ,hope you alll feel better soon ,Dawnxx

Deb said...

sorry to hear you had flu, it is so disappointing when you are not fit enough to enjoy the christmas festivities. The same thing happened to me a couple of years back.

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