Monday, December 3

I've been Tagged

The wonderful Ellia has tagged me...... You really need to see her site the girl has some really awesome work. Designs and ideas that take a lot more patience and skill than I ever have when I'm crafting. And, she has 2 children one even a baby! I love the way she includes her family life on her blog! Very Inspiring!

How in the world does she do it? I bet she doesn't ever sleep. Her attention to detail is remarkable and if you are curious as to how she manages this at times, check out this post here...

so here are seven random facts about me...

1. I have an Electric Violin and a Banjo which I try playing (unsuccessfully) but I love the way they feel... thank God the violin has ear phones I'm sure the neighbours would cringe!

2. I have only been making cards since February 2006 that's when I bought my first card kit! I made one card then for my Nan's 80th then the addiction spiralled.... although I have always been crafty and loved anything paper, it's been my life really.... which brings me to ...

3. I love drawing and haven't posted any of my pictures on my blog so think I will share my Favourite!

This is my son Dillon when he was ten months old, in Devon in the cold hills. I drew it from a photo which I like to do so I can get loads of detail.

I love his eyes and if you look really closely you can just make out me taking his pic. Also the cute little dribble just on his lips. I was really pleased with how the texture on the coat turned out.

4. I love marmalade sandwiches.

5. My boyfriend Steve and I reunited after ten years... on friends reunited. We were very close friends then and now we are expecting a baby in March!

6. I don't tend to talk about myself at all (friends say I must be part of MI5) so this is getting tricky... one more fact....

7. I used to really enjoy caving/potholing... totally scary and exciting! some of the passages are really tight and some of them are like big rooms and the water down there is FREEZING but so nice to drink it's like mineral water yummy!

so Seven people I intend to tag-








the rules:

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-Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.

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Louly said...

Kim I'm stunned by your drawing! that really is totally amazing, I love to draw too but I wouldn't have a clue about how to get such detail in the eyes like that. You are a truely fabulous artist.

Deb said...

Thanks for tagging me I have played along! YOur drawing is fantastic, I thought it was the photograph at first, you are so incredibly talented!

Michelle said...

Blimey! your drawing is amazing. I thought it was the photo - Duh!!! What a beautiful little boy. You are one talented girl!!!!

ellia said...

ohhhh what neat facts!! and you drew that picture?! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! you are soooo talented and should try mixing your cardmaking love with your drawings... i could totally envision a lady sketch in the background of that one card with the dress... beautiful work, kim!!! thanks for the kind words too- i am so sorry i didnt tell you sooner you were tagged :(

and caving?!!! is that the same sport as in the movie descent?! ohhh sounds wildy fun and creepy too (mainly cuz of the movie)... you are quite adventurous and you are expecting a babe in march too?! wow!! CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!! THAT IS SUPER AWESOME!!! ohhhh wow :)


Rhi said...

Thanks for the tag! Your drawing is amazing, did you study art at all? And caving sounds like a total nightmare to me, you're mega brave!

Off to think of my 7 facts...
Rhi x

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