Friday, November 16

Baby Girl

Pocket card

I have wanted to try a pocket card like this and was asked to make a card for a friend, so gave it a go. Most of it is die cuts (surprise!) I just love using them, can't help myself!

It's quite simple to create, I used the length of 12" x 4" this way it fits into c5 envelope when folded.
It is folded with a flap at the front. I only used small pieces of patterned paper to cover front & flap and a little on the insert... to allow room for writing message.
The back was a little trial & error but I'm quite pleased with result. It opens flat for posting and allows the card to stand at a slight angle.
This bear must be one of my favourites I find that I go for it quite a lot, it's just too cute. I cut and layered in different colours and even added a little patch & perforated down the front.
Thanks for looking and all your thoughtful comments!


My Paper World said...

Love that little bear! This is soooo cute!

Louly said...

Kim I love it! As you know i'm really into cards that are a littl bit different and this idea is just inspired! Do you mind if I have a go? I like the way you've shown the back bit too,it's really helpful to see.

All Pink girl said...

Realy cute ,what a great idea ,Dawnx

Deb said...

Such a cute card, your stand at the back is a great idea and really well done!

Jackie said...

so cute!

I like making wallet style cards but have never made my own supports for them. I wouldn't mind having a go at this one if you don't mind.

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