Monday, February 2

My Beacon Of Light!

It's been six months since my last post, tut tut tut.
Well who can blame me really? I think I've spent so much time in and out of hospitals with my mum, then to arrange her funeral and emptying her house of everything from the last 34 years. Her business, her art and embroidery and memories. Phew!!!
I miss her greatly, so I decided to focus my grief into getting arty and joined life book 2015...

This is week one's Beacon Of Light
Ok I do realise it's February already but hey It's actually finished, well, maybe, I'm sure I could tweak a little here and there for the whole year lol!
A little glimpse of the work in progress... I wonder if you can see which of my Paperbabe stamps I've used?
And complete(ish) remember the possible tweaks) What I do love is how this piece of art can change depending on how you're looking at it. I've used the heart image from Doll face set and stamped them with white paint like they were flowing out of her light. I used my favourite peony which is subtly stamped in the background. The sentiment I hope will keep me focused through this year I used Watercolour Alphabet for that one.
I used Paperbabe Doll Face Stamps for her eyes (new stock will be re-ordered soon), I bet you could tell? But I opted to free draw the nose and mouth as I wanted them fuller then the stamps in the set.
This little creature is something I felt complimented what I'm going through, that elegant delicacy, ever so slightly vulnerable but with a confident strength that you put on show. Painted white for light with pink shading to give the look of porcelain.
SEE? this is what happens when you see her from different directions. Her hair was generously painted with yumminess of bronze, gold and iridescent gold paints, I opted for free flowing hair I felt it expressed her beacon of lightness.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the first step on my arty journey?
Have a wonderfully creative day!!!
BiG HuGs Kim xxx


Karen Petitt said...

Kim it is truly beautiful! I hope the rest of this year is much better for you in all ways. I love your painting and such a wonderful way to process your grief, I'm sure your mum would have been proud of you. Big hugs Karen xx

Delphine said...

I could spend my evening staring at your work, Kim... it's mesmerizing and totally touches the heart...
I've been thinking of you and I am happy to see you sharing a post :)
Sending you lots of love and hugs,
Delphine xxx

Kerrie Brown said...

such a stunningly beautiful creation i absolutely love her

lovely to see you posting :)

sending massive hugs x

love Kerrie xxx

Dotty Jo x said...

Your art is fabulous and so inspiring - its good to have you with us again in Blogland. Sorry to hear this has been a difficult time. Creativity can be such a help through the sad times, Jo x

Chris said...

So good to see your post Kim and that you're doing ok. I love your beautiful painting full of all your feelings. Sending you a big hug. Chris x

massofhair said...

Your Mum is PROUD of you Kim, it must be a very sad time for you and joining Life Book is a wonderful way to get through the tough times.

Your ArT is stunning and i adore your girls hair it is breathtaking. It is good to see how you have incorporated your stamps into your painting, looking forward to seeing more from you so have just become your newest follower.

HUGE HUGZ, Smiles, Peace and Light sent your way :-) xxx

Linda said...

It's an amazing piece of art.

So sorry to hear of your loss - it is always incredibly hard to deal with as well as try and carry on with the 'normal' day to day life.

Handmade by Elaine said...

these are stunning!, so sorry for your loss :(
take care Elx

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