Thursday, December 3

Awards moi? Thank you....

I received a few lovely awards recently... I'm usually rubbish at blogging about them but if I do it quickly then it's done so...
Two from the wonderful
The 'Kreative Blogger' award and the second is this super fabby looking cat which represents Good Luck & Good Fortune! Thank you so much sweetie, I'm so pleased you enjoy visiting my blog, your thoughtful comments always make my day...

And this next one from the wonderful Clare, thank you hun, totally honoured you love my blog...

To accept the award, I am to answer each question with a one word answer, thought I got away with not having this one yet and all these questions, LOL but here goes should be fun!

Where is you mobile phone? somewhere
Hair? greying
Mother? Amazing
Father? funny
Favourite food? can't decide
Dream last night? interesting
Favourite drink? tea
Dream Goal? still working on it!
What room are you in? Living room
Your hobby? paper
Your fear? success
Where do you want to be in 6 years? see previous answer
Where were you last night? home
Something you aren't? lazy
Muffins? Yum
Wishlist Item? craft room
Where did you grow up? England
Last thing you did? power nap
What are you wearing? pj's (it is midnight)
Your TV? Off
Your pets? composty worms
Your Friends? mixed bunch!
Your life? Everything
Your mood? Busy
Missing someone? old art chums
Vehicle? legs
Something you are not wearing? jewellery
Your favourite store? Internet
Your favourite colour? rainbow
Last time you laughed? today
Your best friend? wonderful
Last time you cried? Yesterday
One place you go over and over? Kitchen
Person who e-mails you regularly? blogger
Favourite place to eat? home

Phew, I think that's it!
Now I have to pass on to 5 blogs I think are tops! Well thought I would pass this on to the amazing awesome Team Anya 02!!! I realise they may have had these already but Please do go and have a look at their talent - I love working with such an amazing bunch of ladies!

Jessica Diedrich (Club VP/DT Coordinator)
Kelly Booth
Pam Varnell
Amy Young
Suzi McKenzie (Guest Designer)

Thank you for stopping by, BiG HuGs Kim :)


Jessica Diedrich said...

Aren't you the SWEETEST ever????? Thank you-and you SO deserve these!!!

Desire Fourie said...

gorgeous little card Kim. Love the design and cute image. Hope the little one is feeling better.

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