Wednesday, September 9

Life Book 2015 ~ Week Three

I have been trying to keep up with life book 2015... my sister and I enjoy an arty day, (more like evening) when she comes to visit me. It's so nice to share art and enjoy eachothers company.

This piece was for week three's lesson, I know, I think we're already on week 37 gosh, need to get some major artering* done. *This is a Maoleidigh expression of being arty) It's a little bit of wordsmith art from the talented Joanne SharpeShe is known for her wonderful artful lettering work and showed us how to create art that includes beautiful 'Artful Lettering. 

I really enjoyed this lesson, I've always loved handwriting!
I love how the butterfly turned out I let the watercolours just flow around the place lol!
I enjoyed decorating the words differently, the spots & stripes and little white specks in the pink watercolour.
And here's it placed in a simple frame.

I will try and share my life book when I get a few minutes...

Thanks for stopping by
Enjoy a wonderfully creative day!

Hugs Kim x

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