Thursday, January 12

Craft Stamper Cover Girl and catching up

You're probably wandering if I had in fact dropped of the side of the planet but noo I'm still here, things have been more then hectic around here.. although I haven't blogged since the end of July it certainly hasn't stopped me crafting at all!
THE Feb issue of the Craft Stamper Magazine is already out on sale, Friday 6th...
I have two articles in this issue... but better then that I am on THE FRONT COVER!!!
 WOO HOO Thank you Katy!

It's so very exciting to see myself in print every month but published on the cover tops it all! I had such great fun creating these projects, they have a special clever mechanism for which I created a step by step tutorial, turn to page 8 to get the details!

These are just a little sneak peek of the motion half way through turning, fun hey?

Next is a little make for the stamping contrast feature... I thought it would be fun to create my own die cut look with a few stamps!

I'm not sure how much blogging I will get to do now as our family journey is taking new routes... I have taken on the amazing challenge of home educating my children, Dillon had to cope with all sorts of bullying at school even camp and his education was greatly effected, I can't think of anything better then studying at home where he can develop and grow into the amazing boy he is destined to become!

I have so much more projects to share on here, but that can wait for another day!
Thank you to all who continue to follow me I can't tell you how much that touches my heart you are what makes blogging so enjoyable...

Have a wonderfully creative day and if you have them, give those kiddies a HUGE HuG!!!
Kim :)


Paula Whittaker said...

congrats on the CS cover - liked your articles.

inkypinkycraft said...

Well your article in a long ago craft stamper helped me to make the leap onto blogland, about the time you dipped out, so wanted to say thanks and hi!! Good luck with the new part of your journey hugs trace x

Holly T said...

thanks for updating us Kim. I'm glad to see you on here again. You always truly inspire. I do miss your creations but I know kiddos and our family come first. good luck with the homeschooling, it will be great :)

kath said...

Hi Kim...great to see you back sharing your fabulous talent in bloggyland...i look forward every month to seeing your wonderful creations in Craft Stamper...hope to see you soon...big hugs kath xxx

Minxy said...

Hay you, been ages since we chatted..Hope all is well.. sorry to hear that your wee one was being bullied.. know all about that so I feel for him, and totally understand your choice to home school.. good luck with that, if he's half as talented as his mum he won't go far wrong for sure x
Loved your CS pieces BTW x

Purple mad Alison said...

Whoo hoo, I'm your 600th follower!!!
WOW what a lovely blog you have, I can't beleive it's taken me as long to find you?!!!
I love your projects in the new CS and hope to try some of them out soon!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Hugs Alison x x

Sue said...

I have always enjoyed your beautiful creative work and also the work you do for Craft Stamper Kim, good luck with you home education I am sure you will triumph! Happy Crafting, Sue xx

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