Friday, May 14

Color Me Copic.... Coming Soon

So, a few of us fellow copic lovers know as Rachel, Amy, Traci and myself decided to get our heads together and form a little informational blog called “Color Me Copic” and it’s launching on May 28th!

This isn’t a challenge site and we aren’t selling anything, we’re just Copic lovers like you who wanted to put some information out there because we get asked a lot of questions and want to help you out. There will be photo tutorials, video tutorials and you are free to ask questions, we are here for you!

So hope to see you there, HuGs Kim :)


donna mikasa said...

Heard about this on Rach's exciting!
Looking forward to the launch!

Sony said...

OH THAT's AWESOME Kim!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Angela said...

So exciting as you all are some of my copic coloring inspirations.!!
Can't wait!!

Lysa said...

Oh I can't wait!

GobeaGirl said...

Hi Kim. This is one of my very Favorite topics! I can not wait. I hope you will have a badge that can be put on our blogs. I will think of this as my Bday present to myself. I just can not wait until the 28th. :o) Have a great weekend..Hugs, Lisa

Kristy Young said...

OMG Im so excited Kim!! I have just started using copics and loving them but have alot to learn, cant wait.
Kristy xx

Benga said...

This is good news! I'm a newbie to Copic Markers and though I own only a few pens I would love to use them to it's full potential.

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