Saturday, August 4

Don't Forget to Wax

Waxy Wishes

The challenge on SCS for this was to incorporate wax into your creations. It took me ages to actually find any wax crayons because my little one has eaten all the rest but I found some Conte Cirolor wax crayons perfect for what I wanted to try on Beate blog.

I followed the tutorial and then I laid the melted wax design over my rubber stamp and heated it from the back. I didn't do this for long because I got scared I was melting my stamp But it's still fine (phew!)

I layered this onto turquoise card with red eyelets. I die cut slide from card stock and red paper. I then inked and applied a few layers of clear embossing powder to give it a gloss. I coloured one of the primas with pigment ink pen and applied with the other silk flowers. I'm really pleased with how this turned out as I hadn't tried the melted wax technique before. Thanks for looking.


Jan Scholl said...

this is so pretty but I have a question on the wax. what kind do you use? I have seen a lot online using bee's wax and I dont use animal products-I wonder if soy wax or parrafin would work the same? I dont have kids at home, so crayons are not around either but I have a ton of candles I could chip off!

mary said...

this card rocks- let me get the idea straight-you did the melted crayon thing to do a background but then you laid the background onto your rubber stamps(the swirl??) and heated it from behind? So the swirl image is kind of embedded into the crayon background? Do i have that right?

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