Friday, October 16

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge ~ 'Embrace Your Dark Side'

Which is what I wanted to put on my card front but there simply wasn't the room...

Hello everyone!!!
Hope you're keeping well and safe...
We have a new challenge up on the Paperbabe Stamps blog today,

I was completely inspired by this wonderful artist... Ling Song
It's a simple stamping, and I used pencil, biro and black fine liner to add shadow and depth.  I've added bat wings, but I'm not sure if it's become too fussy with them, I've also added long finger nails to her dinky hands as well as a few drips, but all the spider webs have been drawn free hand.
The eyeball was a fun combination of the large circle in the standard set and the iris and pupil ffrom the mini set. It was quite fun to doodle away on this sitting with the kiddies in the evening.

Thank you so much for stopping by
enjoy a wonderfully creative weekend
HuGs Kim x

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