Saturday, April 7

Creative Chemistry 101 Class

Although not quite, I'm still playing and have a week of creative homework to catch up on.

Creative Chemistry class was amazing, Not only do you get great techniques but you get great knowledge of the products themselves.  If you understand what it is and how it works you know why they work the way they do. Tim has such as ease explaining the chemistry behind paints, inks, stains, markers.
I loved hearing Tim talk about how he got started in the business, why he doesn’t clean stamps, how Distress Inks came to be.

So, these are my tags from week 1:

Day 2: included, Blended Spritz & Flick Technique, Brushless Watercolor Technique and Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique...

Day 3: included Alcohol Ink Agates Technique, Archival Resist Technique and Stamping with Reflections Technique which I wasn't really able to complete without the reflections stamps!

Wanted to explain too the difference in my samples here, was a bit frustrated that I only had three colours of archival (I know!!!) so went ahead and ordered a whole load of gorgeous colours! Well, after not being too impressed with the one on the right I thought I would have a go with my Adirondack dye inks which worked exactly as Tim demonstrated in class, phew, not sure I needed to order the archival but like the colours that arrive.

Day 4:  included Watercoloring with Re-inkers Technique, Layered Misting Technique and Custom Stamp Pad Technique.

Day 5: included Stained Kraft Resist Technique, Stamping with Stains Technique and Marbled Stains Technique.

I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of choccy goodies!!!
BiG HuGs Kim :)

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