Wednesday, April 23

Sandy's Blog Candy

Sandy has some great blog candy, so just pop over here and leave her a comment to be in with a chance of winning. Thanks Sandy!

Monday, April 21

While she's sleeping...

I managed to do a product road test.... and a card.

I volunteered to road test a craft product:

3L Scrapbook Adhesive EZ Runner worth £4.99.
I was sent some questions to answer so here goes.....
1. How often do you use adhesive?
All the time for all the projects that I make.
2. What is the main type of adhesive you use?
I tend to have 3: Sailor 2in1 glue pen, double sided tape and sticky dots.
3. What do you look for in an adhesive?
Something that sticks well and I like it to go up to the corners neatly, nothing that bubbles the patterned paper. So a dry glue works best for me!
4. How easy was the product to remove from the packaging?
Easy! there are very few craft items I would struggle to get into!
5. Does the product appeal to you - i.e does it look good?
Looks good to me, very compact, nice shape.
6. How easy was the product to use?
Very easy just place and glide amount of tape you need! - I was surprised with the little pieces of tape my photo is blurry but I hope you get the idea! Could be very useful for little die cut parts that need a small amount of gluing!
7. How well does the product perform?
I had no trouble with it, it ran very smoothly, and with the tape being small pieces it can go round shapes effortlessly. Very effective adhesive that is thin and you can't tell it's there! And it actually sticks very well!
8. Do you like this product?
Yes it performed very well and was easy to use!
9. Do you consider it good value for money?
It does look like good value but it's a little hard for me to tell until I see how long it lasts. Although I can well imagine that I will be going for it every time.
10.Would you consider buying this product in the future?
Yes, now that I have tried it out I would buy it.
11. What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future?
A couple of things: I would like to see a cover for the exposed adhesive end so that I can carry it without destroying anything it's beside. Also If it could be quite useful for storage and transporting!
12. What would make you less likely to buy this product in the future?
Probably if the price went up or if I couldn't get hold of it easily. My nearest craft shop is about 25 mins driving so I tend to go with items in mind!

Paper: We R memory Keepers, White Out (explore-hubcaps), 2tones brownie & banana split, silver mirri.
Die's: Sizzix Boy Set
Ink: Colourbox chalk, cocoa

Thanks for stopping by HuGs Kim x


The Challenge has closed and thank you to everyone who entered I'm pleased to announce that the winner was hand picked by my DS Dillon.....


Rima congratulations, if you would like to email me your postal address your goodies can be on their way!

Thanks for entering HuGs Kim x

Sunday, April 20

Catch up & Competition reminder.

As you know I'm just a little busy at the moment, and I'm dying to get into my crafty stash and produce some cards. Before Maoleidigh arrived I had made a few cards so thought I would share them with you.

This was based on the Saturday sketch on Lauren's blog and I used the people for the image to go with the cute Thursday challenge to use people.
This was a great sketch, I know the idea was to use plain paper but I love this pattern and used plains to coordinate with it.

click to enlarge

Thanks for stopping by and just a reminder that my blog candy competition closes tonight at midnight and I will announce the winner tomorrow. So you can still keep them coming look forward to seeing them. HuGs Kim x

Check Out the Entries....

THE CANDY: papers, die cuts, ribbon, sequins, magazine, rub ons, flower stamp, scrapbook pad, glitter marker, enter the comp to win hope you enjoy!

Click for More on the 5000 Hits Challenge.

Friday, April 11

"Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers-15."

So Hello girls and I look forward to getting know you all!.....

Kim ::
Teresa ::
Lois ::
Nany ::
Joana ::
Kelly S ::
Emma ::
Sue ::
Felice ::
Pam ::
Monica :: (Group Admin)

Yesy ::
Roz ::
Sammi ::
Angie ::
Lainy ::
Lisa ::
Robyn ::
Lisa ::
Jessica ::

About Time!!!!!

I signed up for the sisterhood 15 of the Blogging stampers, decided to join in the fun! So hello to my new sister's and I look forward to being inspired and hopefully inspiring some of you too!

I'm Kim, will be turning 33 at the end of this month. I have a boyfriend Steve and I am a mother of two little angels, one was just born on the 2nd April 2008.... fast asleep now so thought I would catch up with my blogging!

I have been card making & stamping for a couple of years but arty and crafty all my life. I played with paper
ever since I could chew it! (my mum would often find wrapped up parcels (of Paper) while tidying my room as child!) the beginnings of my love of origami. I love to draw, (there is a link to a few drawings in the labels section!) Really enjoy die cuts and have yet to share my creations with my craft robo!

Thanks so much for stopping by BiG HuGs Kim x

Thursday, April 10

Just a quick note......

Hello blogging readers,
I have been a little busy lately, and I have so much news to share.
My New angel was born on 2nd April, A Beautiful Girl Maoleidigh (may-lee-dee) Very happy, a little tired, and will share some pics later....
I wanted to apologise to those who have entered the competition & that I haven't forgot, I am extending the competition to the 20th April 2008. I will be a bit more organised by then and hopefully post the blog candy so you can all get excited.
Thanks for stopping by HuGs Kim x
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