Thursday, January 12

Craft Stamper Cover Girl and catching up

You're probably wandering if I had in fact dropped of the side of the planet but noo I'm still here, things have been more then hectic around here.. although I haven't blogged since the end of July it certainly hasn't stopped me crafting at all!
THE Feb issue of the Craft Stamper Magazine is already out on sale, Friday 6th...
I have two articles in this issue... but better then that I am on THE FRONT COVER!!!
 WOO HOO Thank you Katy!

It's so very exciting to see myself in print every month but published on the cover tops it all! I had such great fun creating these projects, they have a special clever mechanism for which I created a step by step tutorial, turn to page 8 to get the details!

These are just a little sneak peek of the motion half way through turning, fun hey?

Next is a little make for the stamping contrast feature... I thought it would be fun to create my own die cut look with a few stamps!

I'm not sure how much blogging I will get to do now as our family journey is taking new routes... I have taken on the amazing challenge of home educating my children, Dillon had to cope with all sorts of bullying at school even camp and his education was greatly effected, I can't think of anything better then studying at home where he can develop and grow into the amazing boy he is destined to become!

I have so much more projects to share on here, but that can wait for another day!
Thank you to all who continue to follow me I can't tell you how much that touches my heart you are what makes blogging so enjoyable...

Have a wonderfully creative day and if you have them, give those kiddies a HUGE HuG!!!
Kim :)

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