Friday, September 27

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #103 ~ Autumnal Conkers ~ Art Journal

Good morning, thank you so much for stopping by, we have a new challenge on the paperbabe stamps blog today...
And I decided to add to my art journal with a double page autumnal piece inspired by the challenge image.
Firstly I created a very cosy looking girl using the female face stamp set with mixed media templates, Head & Torso and the beanie hat. I love that you can change the position of the eyes so she can be looking anywhere. I painted an under layer using very watered down gouache, it's like a permanent watercolour effect. I've added more layers using coloured pencils, pens and free drew her lashes. Her hair I've tucked into the top of her jumper, I used copics for colouring that with a few wispy bits..
You can see how the hat templates are used here, slightly tilted and raised up as I wanted a tall hat. I've used the Design A Knit stamp set and ribbed knit stamps freely in my hands and not on a block to get the different mix of textures.
I can not tell you how many ways I tried making a design with these conkers, I had the idea to have them hanging on strings a bit like a bead curtain, hahaha, I've actually stamped these onto sticker sheet and cut them out individually, this way I had more room to play with placement. I also thought they would look awesome as a conker polka dot background but in the end I went for a heart, I could well imagine a child putting them in to this heart formation for their mum.
I've added more stamping on the background with words and knit, a little (messy)handwriting then inked the edges. The actual colour of the background dried a hell of a lot darker then I had intended, I did put a gesso wash over but it didn't knock it back as well as I had hoped. I guess that's where an art journal really comes into it's own, try to be a little less precious.

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Thanks so much for visiting, enjoy a wonderfully creative weekend
HuGs Kim ♥

Friday, September 13

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #102 ~ Anything Goes

 Good morning, thank you so much for stopping by, school has started, yay!
We have a new challenge on the paperbabe stamps blog today...

I created a double mixed media page in my art journal. My go to is the fabulous head & torso template with the female face and I've mixed it up with rabbit ears. The background was a great chance to use the stripes & gears stencil, the outfit completed in flock dots.

I will be sharing the video for it tomorrow, so pop back to see.

Thanks so much for stopping by
See you tomorrow, enjoy a wonderfully creative Friday the 13th
HuGs Kim x

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