Friday, July 19

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #98 ~ Illustrative with Stamps!!!

This Fortnight's challenge is a simple Anything Goes.
A real favourite unless you have too many ideas you want to try out lol...
I had treated myself a new copic pen colour E70, so yum, I loved the muted tone and it led me to try it on a black a white pen drawing...
Often I want to add all the many hair lines to my templates but feel it would be too busy on the mylar and it would possibly interfere with all the creative experimenting too, which totally defeats the object.
I used the Wavy central parting template and added all the hair detail, firstly I very lightly drew in a few in pencil and then bravely went in with my copic multiliner as I knew I wanted this to use my copic pens.
Her clothing was a simple design using the polka dot stencil and the stripe stencil. I coloured in one go and added another layer just in the dots to make them darker, it's like creating with limited supplies.
This could be nearly fairytale-like with her flowing hair, I used the daisy template on her top, which I drew with my multiliner through the holes, the centre dots are separate and very easy to line up.
I used my torso template to position my neck stamps so they would match up.
Then I thought I would try the same illustrative style with the profile version. I so enjoyed drawing such flowy hair. Her clothing I added a simple leaf design, which I drew freehand.
Each girl I've added rosy cheeks, and kept the skin the paper colour. They also wear a crown which I drew using just the first step to keep the drawing simple. I hope it's inspired you to try other styles with the same stamps, it was so fun to create and I could see myself creating a whole sketchbook of these.

These would be great framed for a gift, or trimmed down on a card.

I thought I would also enter my project to these fabulous challenges...
A bit more time to craft ~ Anything Goes

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Enjoy a wonderfully creative weekend!
HuGs Kim x

Friday, July 5

Paperbabe Stamps Challenge #97 ~ Sketch!!!

ThiFortnight's challenge is a simple little sketch,
I used it as the cover to my mini little journal, I use the term 'journal' very loosely as really it's twelve pieces of watercolour paper washi taped together. I wanted to have a little space that I could try out some of my many ideas without getting my larger art journal out. 
I replicated my experiment that I created on my Hochanda show, for the main cover(when you have an idea you might as well run with it lol...) and the floral edge I inked, masked, stamped and fussy cut out. 
And it's worked as I managed to keep going and have two of the pages with some arty stuff on already, yay! The left is a very illustrative graphic look using pen, and copic markers.
The right I went straight in with watercolours, painty flowy with just an impression of the hair.
I used a resist technique with some microglaze, on her top which worked out beautifully, and below you might just see a hint of sparkle that's in the metallic watercolour.

Maybe you'll get a chance to join in the fun!

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Thank you so much for visiting,
Enjoy a wonderfully creative weekend!
HuGs Kim x

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