Wednesday, January 15

Introducing ~ Paperbabe Stamps Dinky Hands Stamps and Mixed Media Templates

Today over on the Paperbabe Stamps blog we are introducing new Stamps and Mixed Media Templates.

Dinky Hands
These are just a perfect companion to the dinky faces range, there are plenty of angles and hand poses to really add that extra touch to your portraits. They are a great addition to the portraits but equally useful in their own right too, they could be added to a sentiment or have a whole card front filled with hands.
and this mixed media templates helps so much, I couldn't imagine having to fussy cut masks, or cutting out stamped hands out of precious paper to have to stick in place. I keep my mylar hands securely on the acetate reference sheet of the hands stamp set and I haven't lost one yet lol!

Samples... that's what you're looking for?
I've been trying this new bristol board card, and I think the colours become so much less vibrant than other brands, her skin is a lot paler than I had expected with all the layers I had put on... you'll be able to see in the video... 

This was a fun little watercolour 
 I used just one hand stamp to complete this piece, I had a go with those ecoline watercolour brush pens, they bled quite a bit with the small details, I probably need more play time with them.
 I decided to outline in black ink and add a generous sprinkling of glitter.

 I have wanted to create a panoramic portrait for ages this came together quite well, I did practice the poses on scrap paper before committing to the watercolour paper.
I used the same ecoline watercolour brush pens, and added strings of glitter over their hair, I left the outlines as they are to keep the images soft and delicate.

Here are a couple of my very useful cheat sheets!!!
sometimes you can stamp the face first and mask to stamp the hand under or behind the chin, offer the acetate reference sheet up to the face to get an idea of hand placement.

Thanks so much for stopping by, 
Enjoy a wonderfully creative day ♥ and
hope to see you tomorrow for more introductions...
HuGs Kim x


Redanne said...

Kim, I am in total awe of your ability to colour faces (and everything else!), these samples are absolutely stunning! Hugs, Anne xx

Lozzy said...

Wow Kim.. absolutely beautiful xx

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